Belovac’s Newest Model BV C Class Vacuum Forming Machines
Now offering PLC or standard controllers newly design for ease of operation and reliability. Shipped completely operational, set up to your specifications for production.

Offering a full range of vacuum forming capabilities .... designed for entry level, and production-minded consumers. Featuring newly designed post and beam engineered technology, saving you 40% cost ....on local and world wide shipping.

Belovac engineers developed this proprietary post and beam frame system to address our customers' specific need to economically ship equipment worldwide.

This budgetary C Class machine supports the same time proven industrial components found on all A and E Class machines while offering a substantial savings on the bottom line of your equipment cost.

List Price $ 9,900.00
Promotional Pricing $ 8,900.00

C-Class Vacuum Forming Machines Financing Options
Loan Term C-Class 24x48 / $8,900 C-Class 48x48 / $13,900 C-Class 48x96 / $20,900
5yr $162/mo $265/mo $389/mo
4yr $194/mo $317/mo $465/mo
3yr $250/mo $408/mo $597/mo
To consult with a Belovac representative call ☎ 951-741-4822 to discuss your specific project.
Leasing & financing options available upon approved credit, inquire today!

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Industries best selling vacuum forming machine series!

Model BV C-Class 24" x 48" (61 x 122cm) Heavy Guage Vacuum Forming Equipment Series
First Second Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Seventh Eighth Eighth Eighth Eighth

Equipment Specifications:

  • Sheet size 24x48 (61 x 122cm) (Custom sizes available at request)
  • Depth of draw 18 inches
  • Fully adjustable material clamping
  • Tooling table: 3 1/4" (8cm) Pneumatic drive cylinder 300lb (136kg) seal pressure with adjustable slotted track for rapid tool mounting
  • Solid state programmable heat timing unit, coupled with programmable percentage control unit
  • Heater Panel: 20,000 watts infared radiant panel, with size-down option
  • Vacuum Pump: High volume, Hi-vacuum pump, Onboard 20 Gallon surge tank
  • Construction: Post and Beam, Modular Frame System

  • Recommended for plastics  ABS - PVC - PET - Poly styrene- kydex - Poly propylene
  • Plastic gauges up to 1/4" (.64cm)

  • Electric Requirements:
  • Power requirement: 220 three phase 40 amps
C-Class 24x48 (61 x 122cm) Series Vacuum Former with Overhead Assist
Recommended for inverted tools, deep draw pockets, multiple tool forming, outer-pinch mechanism
Infared Heater Panel
Featuring: 15,000 Watts of 0 - 100% Heat Controlled
Wired with Size-down option switches for smaller sheets
Belovac Industries infrared heater
Option: Production Roll Holder
All C-Class models are available with an optional roll holder and front slitting guide recommended for light
guage plastics and height production projects, packaging, clam shells, blisters, trays and inserts.

Watch Our Roll Fed Production Video:

C-Class 24x48 (61 x 122cm) Series Material Clamping Frame
Adjustable to any size, featuring Quickset 2-Bolt Self-Aligning Unistrut Assembly.
Plastic Parts made on Belovac® Machines

Difficult High Profile Plastic Parts

High Detail Plastic Precast Molds, Stone Pavers, Park Benches, etc.

High Detail Plastic Precast Molds,
Stone Pavers, Park Benches, etc.