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Full Auto Sheet Fed
Vacuum Forming Machine

Model BV-A-Class 53'' X 33'' (135 x 84cm)

BV full auto high tech PLC controlled production thermoformer. This system offers split second timing and heat control for consistent product duplication coupled with  our simplistic time proven engineering designs. Model BV 33" x 53" (135 x 84cm) A Class vacuum forming machine offers state of the art PLC controlled vacuum forming.

This fully automated vacuum forming equipment is recommended when timing is critical due to thin gauge plastics or were extreme tooling depths are desired, widely used when timing out secondary plugs or snap back procedures or when heat and timing control needs to be precise.

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Model BV-A-Class 53'' X 33'' (135 x 84cm)
auto vacuum former 1
Formed 1/4 Rydal used for high temp prods  PLC touch pad screen
image image
Front view clamping frame open Side view dual thirty gal surge tanks
image image
Hi volume Hi vac gast vacuum pump Adjustable Power strut plastic clamping
image image
All A and E class vacuum forming equipment is offered with an optional upper forming table or plug assist, This feature allows the use of tooling plugs for material distribution into extreme pockets. or when hanging or inverting male tooling, taking advantage of the heated sagging plastic, in some cases this method offers an overall more consistent plastic gauge on hi profile tooling.
PLC heat zones PLC sequence timing
image image
All A-class vacuum forming machinery features Semen's PLC and touch pad screen. This program consists of two setup screens one for cycle sequence timing, and the other for percentage controlled heater zones, standard with 8 zones upper and 8 zones lower featuring Independently percentage controlled zones . In addition to setup screens this PLC program offers saved memory for project to project recognition.


  • Lower  Heat
  • Infrared Ceramics
  • Over Head Assist