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Model BV C-Class Budgetary Vacuum Forming Series
Post and Beam
Model BV C-Class 24"x 48" (61 x 122cm)
Modular engineered post and beam vacuum forming machine series

Supporting all the same equipment capabilities and features expected from a Belovac vacuum former this model offers heavy to light gauge high detailed vacuum forming starting at $7,900.00 Schools / Prototyping and production.

Post and Beam 4x4
Model BV C-Class 48" x 48" (122 x 122cm)
Deep Draw vacuum former machine series

Post and Beam 4x8
Model BV C-Class 48" x 96" (122 x 244cm)
Depth of Draw 19" (48cm) types of plastic all, gauge 1/4" (.635cm)

Model BV E Class Manual Sheet Fed Vacuum Forming Series
Machine Photos
Manual sheet fed Vacuum Forming Machinery
33" x 53" (84 x 135cm), 53" x 53" (135 x 135cm)

Bel-O-Vac offers a cost effective solution to your production thermoforming needs this model offers all the same features as our high end models with the exception of auto cycling.

Manual Deep Draw Heavy Gage Vacuum Forming Machine
53" x 103" (135 x 262cm)

Typically used for the molding of larger structural Components such as- bath tubs –spas- motor home interiors and exteriors- limo components - auto side panels- industrial cases-shipping cases –acrylic sky lights- Air plane interiors – commercial signs- truck linersRecommended plastic gauge 3/8"(.95cm) thick - ABS / kydex / poly propylene / Acrylic Styrene / PVC

Model BV Dual Station

BV dual station vacuum formers offer hi production with dual tool set ups commonly used with similar tools were cycle timing is the same, or were two different tool set ups are required, offering prototyping on one table and production on the opposite table. Additional advantages equipment requires only one operator for two station production minimizing on labor cost.

Model BV A Class Auto Sheet Fed Vacuum Forming Series
Full Auto Vacuum Former
PLC Controlled Full Auto Sheet Fed Vacuum Forming Machinery
Full auto high tech PLC controlled production thermoformer.

This system offers split second timing and heat control for consistent product duplication coupled with  our simplistic time proven engineering designs.


Poly Carbonate
Pre-Printed Poly Carbonate Vacuum Former


Spa Machine Series

Spa Machine

Spa Machine

Spac Machine 2

Spa Machine

Industrial Drying Ovens

Recommended for the pre-heating and drying of heavy gauge and materials such as acrylics, polycarbonates, and ABS.

Roll Fed Vacuum Forming Series

Spa Machine

Roll Fed Vacuum Forming Machines

Recommended for the pre-heating and drying of heavy gauge and materials such as acrylics, polycarbonates, and ABS. This simplistically designed hi-speed Vacuum Forming Machine will provide the competitive edge you require to cost effectively produce plastic components.

Tooling Services

Spa Machine

Tooling Services

Bel-O-Vac Industries offers complete tooling services from conception to production.

Spa Machine

Economical Tooling Techniques

We can assist with supplies, methods, and your in-house tooling development.

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