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Vacuum Forming Spa Machines

Belovac has been a leading manufacture in the industry for twenty five years defining equipment technology the way it should be durable and straight forward. Offering a simplistic approach to extreme depths. of draw this equipment is conservatively engineered for the carefree forming of large component.

Model BV E Class 10' x 10' (305 x 305cm) Spa and Tub Equipment

Shuttle heater panel 140,000 watt heater bank PLC controlled 10 zones touch screen heat management designed for one person operation, Hand rolled into forming area.
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Equipment Specifications:

  • Sheet size 120" x 120" (Custom sizes available at request)
  • Depth of draw 42 inches
  • Fully Pnuematic adjustable material clamping
  • Tooling Table: 5" bore dual cylinder Spur and Rack Tooling Lift
  • PLC Touch Screen 14-Zone Independant Heat Control with programmable Heat Time indicator
  • Heater Panel: 200,000 watts infared radiant panel, with size-down option
  • Vacuum Pump: 3HP High volume, Hi-vacuum pump, Onboard 200 Gallon surge tank
  • Construction: Heavy wall 5" tubular frame

  • Recommended for plastics  ABS - PVC - PET - Poly styrene- kydex - Poly propylene
  • Plastic gauges up to 1/4" (.64cm)

  • Electric Requirements:
  • Power requirement: 240 - 480 three phase
Dual Station Spa Machine
spa machine 6
A Pneumatic clamping system that offers full adjustments to your specific sheet size. Additional frames can be purchased for quick size changes
Manual Deep Draw Heavy Gage